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  ContentMap Lite

·  Connect to local computer folders

·  Connect to Cloud storage
·  Drag-and-drop between platforms
·  One search across all platforms
·  Search for duplicate files
·  Display measurements in helicopter view



ContentMap Business

·  Connect to local computer folders

·  Connect to Cloud storage
·  Drag-and-drop between platforms
·  One search across all platforms
·  Search for duplicate files
·  Display measurements in helicopter view

·  Connect to file servers
·  Connect to file Box
·  Direct connect to SharePoint
·  Display permissions in SharePoint


       29 SEK / month or 299 SEK / year
     75 SEK / month or 800 SEK / year


ContentMap for Windows
System requirements: Windows XP and above

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ContentMap for Mac
We are currently working on getting a new version of ContentMap for Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) ready. Please drop us a note if you have interest in geting notified when the new version is available or if you still are running an older version of Mac OS X, then we can provide a ContentMap upon request.



Ola Broström
Account Manager Life Science, Brenntag Nordic

"We are ‘blown away’ by the great look and feel of ContentMap. It works really well and help finding files in a most natural way. Also timesaving’s is well above our expectations. I guess the ROI we’ve received is easily 100% the first month alone. It’s just brilliant; this should possibly be a standard with Windows and Mac. I also like to mention that I truly believe in the company and its entrepreneurs. Best wishes!"



Diana Birsan
Systems Specialist

"I began testing ContentMap within our environment at Bell Media to assist with organizing our large SMB shares. Our creative users have deep folder structures and by using Content Map’s visual workspace, they are easier to manage and categorize. After receiving some exceptional customer support, I also learned to utilize the size function, which would help users clear space and manage folders for archiving. In the long term, I can see how great this product would be if it was a default option for viewing files and folders in an operating system. ContentMap is truly an exceptional tool that could revolutionize the way we view folder structure!”



Christian Johansson
CAD & PLM Specialist, Sigma

"When I first saw ContentMap back in 2012 it was an epiphany. I remember thinking "THIS is how I want to find and view my files!” and I have been using ContentMap ever since. It really is the ultimate tool for organizing files & folders and in my opinion should be integrated into every Mac and PC on earth. I can´t wait to see how this product develops!"



Lars Johansson
Cleantech Investor and Advisor, Co-Chair, Element 8 Angels, President, Energethic, LLC, Board Member, Climate Solutions

"I was introduced to Tomas and ContentMap in the summer of 2014. I¹m truly impressed with how ContentMap allows you to view and manage data locally and in the cloud and especially the traction they have with large customers back in Sweden. Their increased focus on SharePoint should provide a lot of value to users and prove beneficial for both ContentMap and Microsoft.”



Linn Larsson
Client Service Associate, Facebook

"I am visual person so for me ContentMap has been a great tool to help me work more efficiently. Now I can actually see all folders and files in front of me! I spend less time searching for files, and navigating among all those work documents. I would not hesitate saying ContentMap has improved my productivity."



Lars Östlund
Owner, ProHearings/IR Finans

"Tomas Hultgren hold a strong vision that also affect others and pull them in. This is of course a great and essential skill to have for a software development entrepreneur.”



Anders Brodin
Client Executive, Dassault Systemes

"ContentMap is a truly groundbreaking product, making all sorts of content easier to access and manage on multiple enterprise content platforms. I believe it will be a significant part of the future for file-based efficiency needs. I do like the sophisticated application and think ContentMap is driven by the most energetic and creative founder. It´s an absolute pleasure to recommend the company for anyone."



Viktor Sellman

"I was introduced to ContentMap in September 2014 and am now using it on pretty much a daily basis. It has significantly shortened the process when it comes to finding relevant files and images. Having the entire harddrive mapped out makes it easier to keep folders updated with the most current information. This is crucial as I have an entire team using the same DropBox. Using visualization with new recruits also steepens the learning curve when it comes to understanding the folder- and sharing system. The designers also love the product as they can find images in an efficient manner and very quickly move content into the shared folders. I wish Tomas and his team all the best!”



Anders Lindén
CEO, Adaptlogic AB

"I immediately became enthusiastic when I at a glance could get an overview of my content. Managing my files and folders with a graphical interface is so much more efficient for me, than wandering around in the labyrinths of Finder or Explorer. At my first session I immediately discovered some duplicates and some inconsistencies in my file system. I believe this is the natural way to find and manage your content efficiently."



Sara Hellspong
Speech and language pathologist, West Sweden Regional Government

"I've been a test pilot on the first beta versions of ContentMap since 2011 and I must say I am impressed with the dedication and creativity of Hultgren and co-workers in ContentMap. The product has developed now but already in its very first version we were surprised measuring time savings of more than 200 percent in finding and managing documents. I think this system is a very natural way of seeing things and I am looking forward to follow their development. I do recommend ContentMap for everyone with documents in a computer.”



Adam Hecktman
Director of Technology & Civic Innovation, Chicago, Microsoft

"I am a big fan of mind mapping. I work better when I can see my world in front of me, at any level of detail that I choose. So when I saw that ContentMap provided that same type of view for my file systems, I thought they were on to something. When I saw that I could search across systems in much the same way, I knew they were on to something. Good luck guys!”



Susanne Bialon Comella
Marketing and Advertising Professional, Chalmers Innovation

"I installed ContentMap on my work computer in summer of 2013. I immediately found a lot of documents I’ve been looking for and I don’t think I would have found otherwise. I actually managed to find more documents than what I was looking for. Documents that I had forgot about but needed right that week, so I was very pleased. I think ContentMap is very natural and effective both for finding files that are lost and for organizing my content. A big thanks to the ContentMap team and best of luck."



Lars Bengtsson
CEO, Eko Futura

"I have used and seen ContentMap develop to an extraordinary and outstanding product over the past two years. That has become possible because there is, in my opinion, a brilliant entrepreneur behind it. Best wishes to Tomas Hultgren and his team.”