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How to become a Digital Leader in 2022

Many companies have the potential to drive disruption and deliver significant new customer values. However, it is up to leaders to evaluate opportunities by the trends of technology innovation to create competitive advantages.

Advantage for smaller more agile companies?

Technology changes quickly, but organizations change much more slowly.

This is the reason that digital transformation is more of a leadership challenge than a technical one. Large organizations are far more complex to manage and change, than smaller ones. And considerably slower than the development of technologies. Large organizations have more moving parts, and those parts, being humans, are much harder to control.

Technology systems largely act according to their instructions, and technology components largely do what they are designed to do. But human systems are very different. While it’s relatively straightforward to edit a software component or replace one element with another, it’s nowhere near as easy to change an organization, at least a large one. That’s why smaller organizations can have an evolutionary advantage to larger ones even though they have smaller muscles.

For example, artificial intelligence, AI, opens up new frontiers for digital business because virtually every application or service incorporates an intelligent aspect to automate or augment application processes and human activities.

Also, the way we perceive and interact with technology is undergoing a radical transformation. Conversational platforms, augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality will provide more natural and immersive ambient experience within the digital world, see our article next to this.

Digital representations of things and processes are increasingly used to analyze and control real-world environments. Combined with AI and immersive experiences this set the stage for new smart spaces. We hope that ContentMap will be an aggregated simplified workspace, that booth connects your different storage volumes and communication channels into one. Provided with a for all different places simultaneous smart search.

Worth exploring can also be to find out the ways that essentially any physical device within our organization or the customer’s environment can be powered by AI-driven autonomous capabilities. It can also it might be interesting having an eye on quantum computing while it is still in its emerging state.

Put Digital Culture into your company DNA

But transformation is hard. If you have the wrong culture, the wrong mindset, it will be difficult. Digitally innovative companies are characterized by embracing technology as a driver of business success and finding a process of reinvention — fueled by innovation — that keeps the innovative culture fresh.

Once the foundations are in place, digital leaders must accelerate change and embed values to entrench digital skills and a strong focus on customer outcomes across the organization. Successful digital business leaders recognize the importance of the right digital culture to create an advantage.

Tomas Hultgren


Here we write some short summaries on technologies and businesses that we think are interesting around our area. You are most welcome to comment or suggest changes. Many thanks, ContentMap team.


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