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All information in one picture

One Search for all storage places

We understand a picture 60.000 times faster

than the information as text. 


That is why we have built ContentMap to connect all your file storage and Cloud into one

map - one picture


Like an easy to use World Map, ContentMap lets you find all your documents no matter where they are.  And let you manage it all in one helicopter view. 


You never saw anything so easy.


It's enough to type the search only once.  And it checks all your storage places simultaneously.

- ContentMap is the world map of all your information


Mapping the Cloud

and your hard drives and servers

Put yourself in lead.  Find and organize all your information in the best way possible.


You connect all your storage places into one, and then you find Search hits in the helicopter view on the map. 


You avoid getting lost in all your information.

There is no better way!

Make the Cloud a better place

Your organization needs modern solutions to get maximum performance.


Whether it is for finding that one document, organizing your content, delegating for GDPR compliance, 

engaging in a merger, or providing support for your board.


ContenMap is your partner.

GDPR made easy

GDPR compliance starts with finding the sensitive personal data in the company’s information mass.  Compliance is about being careful with private information. 

And hackers can’t steal sensitive personal data if you no longer store it. 

You should check servers, cloud storage, and mail for sensitive information. 


ContentMap does this fast and easy for you.

A workflow is suggested in the document you can watch here  

It summarizes the process.

Quickly find and manage all your documents and any GDPR sensitive data.

First, you get a Status report on the threat situation per storage, server, cloud, mail etc.  Then you can delegate and clean all threats in content in helicopter view. 

ContentMap is a portal where you follow the work in real-time. This is not a simple ”how to get it done” tool. 


ContentMap takes action and actually do it. It finds the threats for you and lets you report status easily.



Get your information clean

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