Find all your information on a map surface wherever you are


All your cloud apps and information in one place

- on a map surface.

Everyone on your team shares the same view and easy

access no matter where they’re working from.

We all have a lot of documents and messages.  And they seem to be increasing every day.


But here is help!   With ContentMap a new technology,  you find the information you want, documents and messages super fast and super easy.



our brain loves pictures

We understand a picture 60 000 times faster

than the information as text. 


That's why we built ContentMap - to connect all your cloud storage, servers, mail and message apps into one map.


Just type your search only once -ContentMap checks all your storage places simultaneously.


Do you have to work from home?

Let us help - get a ContentMap for free!

Few things are so important for your success as having a clear structure of your content.  Managing the sensitive data in your content, and making sure the right people have access to the right information.


If you are still working on GDPR compliance finding the sensitive personal data in the company’s information mass is the right step.  ContentMap does this fast and easy.  See the process  

Get your content clean and organized
ContentMap is the place for remote work

ContentMap keeps everyone on the same page.  We are sharing work content and messages on a map surface, synchronizing your storage places and apps in realtime.  With a unified one entry search for all sources.


If you cannot be in the same room this is the next best thing when collaborating. 

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