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The world’s most accurate
finding of information 

Remote Work

Easy access to information and data - your most important asset - transform relationships and businesses by bringing people and ideas together

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The first

Information and data are the by far the most important success factor for any organization today. 


With data growing by the day search for information and data is becoming more and more complex.


ContentMap let you find information and data for every use, for every user, and across every source in your organization, in a new and much more efficient way.

We believe that easy access to unified information and correct data transform relationships and businesses by bringing people and ideas together.

Organisation and Structure

When information, data, and collaboration matters

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Few things are so important for your success as having a clear structure and easy access to your content. 


Manage the sensitive data in your content, and make sure the right people have access to the right information.


Get your information clean and organized
ContentMap is the place for remote work

ContentMap keeps everyone on the same page.  We are sharing data, information, content, and messages on one unified map surface, synchronizing your storage places and apps in real time.  With a one-place two-dimensional search for all sources.

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